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Economic Development

     We have a 10-year plan to ensure self-sustaining facilities and operations. During the restoration phase, PVHPS will host the Peñasco Valley Farmers Market and offer the outdoor space for use in public events: Peñasco Area Yard Sales, High Road to Taos Art Tour, and others.  In restoration of the building local contractors will be the primary restorers, and will employ local construction talent. People from the community will be hired to operate the facility, some permanently and others on an as-needed basis. Given its location in the center of Penasco and along the “High Road to Taos Scenic Byway”, the restored building will provide local artisans, writers, musicians, and others a prime location to display and sell their products to the local community and to visiting tourists.  The High Road to Taos Art Tour is an annual event that is highly advertised and extremely popular with tourists to northern New Mexico. 


    After restoration is complete and the building is operational, we will seek funding to build the "Hot Lunch," a building representing the historic cafeteria that existed when the school was active. The new "Hot Lunch" building will be a restaurant and will also provide subsidized meals to the needy of the community. The new structure will also operate a marketplace that sells local artwork, gifts and crafts. Sales will sustain the facility and provide economic opportunities for entrepreneurship. Use of the restored school as envisioned above will create opportunities to mentor students on aspects of business, including customer service, marketing and accounting.


     With time,  St. Anthony will be a center for economic development in the community and a center of educational opportunity.  Eventually, it will be a resource for information on local service providers (such as caterers, plumbers, and carpenters) and serve as a work cooperative, where sharing skills is encouraged and supported. We will work with community organizations needing space to provide social services for low-income residents.

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