Dedication. Patience. Community.

Here is our team!  Most PVHPS team members have been a part of this group since 2018 when we wanted to pursue restoration of the old school (again-numerous attempts had been made), but didn't know what it would take--we were committed to patiently following it through!  To read the bios for our team members click here

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Our Story

     The Peñasco Valley Historical Preservation Society (PVHPS) was but a dream four years ago. A small group of Peñasqueros dared to imagine preserving one of the few historic buildings in the Peñasco valley, the abandoned St. Anthony School. Our goal was to restore this building for the benefit of the community and, once again, make it a viable part of our community. We hope to build a beautiful space to house historical artifacts, display local art and perhaps have a “hot lunch”. We would also like to have a space that will welcome all Peñasqueros who have left and visitors who wish to enjoy this beautiful valley.

     Why this building? The school building is in the center of Peñasco and the Dominican Sisters as teachers played an integral role in the high-quality education of many in this rural predominantly Catholic, community. Alumni have said that they are grateful for the education they received at the school and many have fond memories of their time there. The school building has been abandoned for 34 years, but with much care we know we can restore it to reflect “The handsome adobe building that it is,” as the Cornerstone Restoration Foundation commented. This is a historic treasure that will showcase the resilience, perseverance, skill and adaptability of the people of this amazing community.

    PVHPS has persisted in its goal and purchased the building and property from the Archdiocese of Santa Fe. PVHPS is now recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation and is also working with the New Mexico Historic Preservation Division to get the building designated as a state and federal historic site.

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Vision:  Honor our history, preserve our legacy, embrace the future!

Mission:  Restoring and preserving the historic Peñasco High School/St. Anthony School to create a gathering space that unites and serves the Peñasco area through its history, culture and traditions para empoderar la comunidad.

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